So… The New Whitney Houston Album!

Whitney Houston:

Whitney Houston is streaming her new album ‘I Look To You’ on her official website by clicking here. The album is released on 31st August 2009 in the US, with a UK release currently set for October 19th 2009.

 It’s been SIX years since Whitney’s last effort in 2003. Overall, this is a solid and enjoyable affair… the themes of the album cover finding strength during adversity, being thankful to those who love you and celebrating new love for others and yourself. Whitney’s voice is huskier and deeper than ever before but still has ‘that’ quality and these songs are unmistakeably Whitney Houston.

The album mainly takes place in mid-tempo to ballad territory with a few upbeat moments. First single Million Dollar Bill’ is an upbeat, almost retro but modern sounding track that shows off the voice well (you can see the video below).  ‘Nothing But Love’ is Whitney teasing the critics and giving love to her supporters. ‘For The Lovers’ is a great big club banger produced by Danja. ‘A Song For You’ deceptively begins as a ballad UNTIL the dance beat kicks in at around 1:30. This version retains the sentiment of the song but more importanlty adds something different to the many many versions of this song that already exist.

‘I Look To You’, serves to remind people that Whitney is still alive and capable of delivering… for that she has certainly succeeded!