We’re not sure if we mentioned it before (ahem!) but Beverley Knight released her new album ‘100%’ and new single ‘Beautiful Night’ today – HURRAH!

The new album kicks off with the single and sets a great tone for the rest of the album. It’s mainly an upbeat affair, Beverley is keen to sound current without compromising her trademark sound and incredible vocals. Stand out tracks include ‘Soul Survivor’ recorded with Chaka Khan and the spine-tingling, huge chorused ‘Turned To Stone’. 

This is the first album released on her own label, ‘Hurricane Records’, it feels like a record that Beverley always wanted to record, she covers all bases here: stylistically, lyrically, thematically and vocally. It works – the album has variety, it keeps you guessing but flows and feels like one record thanks to ‘those’ vocals….

People have warm affection and genuine love for Beverley whether or not they like the genre of music she creates, we hope that people give this particular album a chance, so that they can see Beverley take charge and continue to shine.

The physical album contains 13 tracks, with digital retailers offering a low price and bonus tracks! iTunes features 2 live tracks recorded during the recent iTunes Festival, Amazon includes ballad ‘A Love We’ll Never Know’ and Play adds ‘Force Of Nature’… a MUST for any fan!