Backstreet’s Back… Will That Ever Get Old?

Let’s celebrate… here’s the new Backstreet Boys track Straight Through My Heart, it’s missing something at the very start though and it goes something like this…. ‘Redone’, ‘Backstreet Boyyyys’.

Despite this lack of artist and producer introudctions, it’s an upbeat corker from everyone’s favourite American boyband that isn’t N*Sync. Selling over 100 million albums worldwide… this is the first track taken from their SEVENTH studio album, ‘This Is Us’ released on 5th October 2009, here in the UK.

The ‘boys’ embark on a worldwide tour starting later this year. They will play arena shows in cities across the UK in November… plus during the live shows, they do get their ‘hits‘ out, which is ALWAYS a good thing in my opinion!

Oh and for any casual passers by who might be going “hang about, weren’t there 5 memebers“… one left (Kevin) in 2006… now you’re up to date and can safely tackle any pub quiz Backstreet Boys question thrown at you!