The statement ‘don’t believe what you read in the press’ is most accurate. “Apparantly”, thousands of people have been complaining to the BBC about Alesha Dixon and calling for her to be sacked! Are you serious??? If anyone has actually complained as reported in the press today – SHAME on you! Give Alesha a fair chance to show what she can do…

The BBC is to blame if your beloved Arlene Phillips is no longer on the show… it is nothing to do with Alesha, she simply took a job that was on offer, if it wasn’t her then it would be someone else, so stop using her as a scapegoat… how typical of the British public to turn and to jump on a bandwagon like this!

The BBC has made a statement rightly supporting Alesha by saying: “We’re pleased at how fantastically well Alesha was received for her debut on Strictly Come Dancing last night and delighted that so many people tuned in and enjoyed the show.”

Crikey – GET A GRIP people – it’s a TV show for goodness sake and just enjoy it for what it is!!!