Keisha LEAVES Sugababes – SHOCK!

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A statement posted on the official Sugababes website has confirmed that Keisha has left the group and not Amelle as previously speculated. One truth that has arisen from the press reports is that Jade Ewen will be joining Heidi and Amelle to complete the new line-up! The album ‘Sweet 7’ will still be released on 23rd November 2009 as planned. The statement noted that Keisha will record as a solo artist. To see the official statement click here.


We’d like to wish all of them the very best of luck with everything. Let’s hope that the group doesn’t suffer as a result of this – let’s hope people don’t judge them or give up on them and let’s hope people give them a fair chance… but they probably won’t! Anyway – our favourite Sugababes track for old times sake!