Rockwell At The O2

Rockwell was billed as a night of unique collaborations… and it certainly was! The show at The O2 Arena in London last night was in aid of charity, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy.

The line-up included Beverley Knight, David Gray, Robert Plant, Escala, Gabriella Cilmi, Dan Gillespie-Sells of The Feeling, Lulu, Joss Stone, Danny and Gaz of Supergrass, Tom Jones, Ronan Keating and Razorlight.

We were VERY lucky to get an AAA pass. Upon arrival at The O2, we saw Robert Plant complete his sound check  before arena doors opened – what a privilege! Backstage it was a hive of activity during the run up to the start of the show.

Lulu kicked off proceedings in style by singing Duffy’s smash, ‘Mercy’. The first of the unique duet came in the form of Lulu and Dan Gillespie-Sells of The Feeling (who’d bought his Mum along – bless).

Dan played two hits of The Feeling before being joined on stage by the wondrous Beverley Knight, together they performed ‘You’re All I Need To Get By’ – AMAZINGLY good! Beverley went on to get the entire crowd on their feet for the first time in the evening and performed ‘Beautiful Night’ and ‘Come As You Are’, the audience seemed to love it and gave her such a warm and positive reaction.

Other notable collaborations took place in the form of Ronan Keating and Gabriellea Cilmi on ‘Time After Time’. Joss Stone and Tom Jones duetted. David Gray was joined by Escala to play ‘Babylon’. On stage, acts were introduced by the likes of Simon Pegg, Miquita Oliver, Paul McKenna and Rich Clarke from Capital FM and The Big Top 40 Show who did an awesome job filling for what must have felt like an eternity, whilst the stage was rearranged!

The final performance was decided via a text vote –  the triumphant song ‘Let It Be’ was performed by all artists involved during the evening.

So, backstage it was a load of hustle and bustle… Artists… check! Artists staff, band members, managers and assistants… check! Catering… check! Security… check! Ridiciulousness… CHECK and finally diva strops from someone who wasn’t even an artist or performing… check! All good then!

Gabriella Cilmi was sporting a new look backstage, looking foxy, more grown up and confident than I’d seen her before – nice! Lulu looks great for her age and my favourite Lulu moments were when she blanked Tom Jones (probably unintentionally though due to the shades she was wearing)!

Joss Stone wandered around barefooted, looking very beautiful. Ronan Keating didn’t look impressed! Robert Plant was so happy to chat to everyone. Tom Jones chatted happily backstage and made performing on stage look effortless. My favourite though part was his Rocky inspired walk to the stage with entourage in toe – very showbiz!

We got to have a chat with some of the artists, eat cake at the same table as Johnny Borrell and meet the incredible Beverley Knight… it was an absolute honour to meet her. She was thoughtful and lovely – she revealed that her next single will be ‘In Your Shoes’ with Chipmunk featuring as a special guest and that ‘Turned To Stone’ was ‘coming soon’ as a single too… VERY brilliant news!

It was a very enjoyable evening… everyone involved did a great job to raise money and awareness for a fantastic charity. To see highlights, footage and pictures from the event click here.