The Veronicas – Live In London

The Veronicas

Last night, we went to see The Veronicas perform at Koko in London… phew! The audience was mostly made up of die-hard fans who appeared to know all the lyrics to the songs despite the fact that the band has never officially released an album here in the UK yet… thank goodness for imports! Our ears… crikey, the audience was LOUD – it was awesome!

Anyway… the sisters Jessica and Lisa have an infectious high energy sound that translates really well live and man, they can frickin’ sing and work a crowd! The set list was a good balance between the two albums ‘The Secret Life Of‘ and ‘Hook Me Up’, something for everyone! ‘This Love’ was lovely. Album title track ‘Hook Me Up’ sounds great still after so many listens. We LOVED hearing my two favourite songs, ‘Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)’ and the encore track ‘This Is How It Feels’. The latest UK single ‘4ever’ went down well and got the audience going.

The highlight of the evening apart from full underwear flashing by Jessica was the girls themselves – their stage presence and passion for what they do… we LOVED how they jumped off the stage into the pit  to touch the audience, pose for quick photos and tease security guards… cheeky cheeky (sorry… wrong sisters!) If you missed out on seeing The Veronicas live click here to see them perform a session for Rich & Kat at 95.8 Capital FM.