What Nelly Did Next…

Your last album sells over 7 million copies… how do you top that without repeating yourself? Here is what Nelly Furtado is doing to solve this issue. On Monday 14th September, Nelly releases her fourth album recorded entirely in Spanish. The album is titled ‘Mi Plan’, meaning ‘My Plan’ in English (that was a tricky one to translate!).

In the video below, Nelly talks in both Spanish and English about how the album came together.

Whether you can speak Spanish or not… the whole album is worth a listen ESP if you’re a fan (OBV!). First single,Manos Al Aire’ (Hands In The Air) is a very good song features some great remixes from the likes of Robbie Rivera – the track is also released as a digital download on 14th September.

If you’re expecting another ‘Loose‘, forget it… the sound is reminsicitant to that of the second album, ‘Folklore‘. Nelly is currently busy preparing a new English language album, which she hopes to release in 2010… HURRAH – everyone’s happy!