Is The New Editors Album Any Good?

The third album from Editors reached number 1 last Sunday, making it their second album to debut at the top spot but is it any good?

Opening and title track ‘In This Light And On This Evening’ is a dark and rawer sound for the band, it pays homage to London and it works. Traditional Editors sounds on ‘Bricks and Mortar’ and awesome lead single ‘Papillon’ serve to remind you how great the band is and both have cleverly crafted lyrics. My personal favourite is ‘You Don’t Know Love’, which builds and builds before you are rewarded with a fantastically rousing chorus. The incessant sounds on ‘The Boxer’ make frontman Tom Smith’s vocal sound hypnotic.

Some of the later tracks such as ‘Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool’ see the band experimenting with sounds and it is here where the album becomes less immediate than earlier songs and will take a couple of extra listens to grab you.

The standard edition weighs in at 9 songs, there is something for old Editors fans and something fresh to keep occasional fans intrigued. A very impressive album overall – very worth buying! A deluxe 2CD edition is available. The second disc is entitled Cuttings 2′ and features five additional tracks – it is here where the band reveal the extent of their experimentation with new sounds, only some of it works for example, ‘My Life As A Ghost’ and ‘I Want A Forest’, but is worth trying out if you are a fan!