Is The New Mr Hudson Album Any Good?

Is The New Mr Hudson Album Any Good? Yes… it is rather!

‘Straight No Chaser’ debuted at number 25 in the official album chart yesterday, chart positions aside, the material on display here is generally very good. As ever, Mr Hudson wears his heart on his sleeve and the album mostly features tales of heartbreak and relationships that have gone wrong but also features tales of hope and positivity.

There are many highlights, the first single, ‘There Will Be Tears’ captures the sounds heard on the debut album ‘A Tale Of Two Cities’ as does ‘Lift Your Head’ and ‘Time’. The single ‘Supernova’ sounds as gigantic as ever, current single ‘White Lies’ is a real slow burner that grows on you with each listen in a fantastic way. The title track, ‘Straight No Chaser’, ‘Everything Is Broken’ and ‘Learning To Live’ feature brilliant upbeat sounds, any of which would make splendid single choices.

‘Straight No Chaser’ contains at least 9 really fantastic well crafted songs, which is pretty good going for an album these days! Ignore those critics (NME) or anyone blasting the use of auto-tune and give it a whirl…