Is The New Shakira Album Any Good?

Is The New Shakira Album Any Good? In short… YES!

It’s been 4 years since Shakira’s last album ‘Oral Fixation’, Shakira remains a huge star and this third English language album will ensure that it stays that way. The single ‘She Wolf’ is a brilliantly infectious number but is not representative of the whole album. It’s a fantastic album as it is very stylised and succinct but it does lack the variety of ‘Laundry Service’ and ‘Oral Fixation’.

‘She Wolf’, is short upbeat album, of only ten tracks; with nine English songs and lasting only 33minutes… highlights include the second single ‘Did It Again’ and ‘Why Wait’. Other highlights include ‘Men In This Town’, and ‘Spy’ which, features Wyclef Jean. Pharrell Williams produced four of the nine tracks, and has used the same beats and sounds with other artists but this is remedied by Shakira’s distinctive vocals, lyrics and quirky expressions. Timbaland produced ‘Give It Up To Me’ is not featured on the UK version of the album, it is annoyingly reserved for the US release… until a re-release is issued here of course!

Go check it out and enjoy it… it’s both creative and interesting!