Eliza Doolittle: EP – OUT NOW!

Eliza Doolittle - EPThe very AMAZING Eliza Doolittle has released her very first EP through Parlaphone…. it’s available exclusively through iTunes for a limited time only. The EP contains 4 awesome tracks ‘Rollerblades’, ‘Moneybox’, ‘Police Car’ and ‘Go Home’.

It’s a superb EP… it showcases Eliza’s musical style, vocal abilities and personality perfectly! ‘Rollerblades’ is a breezy, uplifting groove. ‘Moneybox’ is our favourite – again uplifting, the quirky lyrics are a winner. ‘Police Car’ was given away free a long time ago by signing up to the mailing list – it’s a slower, more reflective number but still enchanting. ‘Go Home’ has a splendid hook and catchy chorus.

Eliza is in fine voice throughout this EP and it’s a magnificent taster for the forthcoming album. By the way, if you like the EP… two other brilliant songs recorded by Eliza are still available on iTunes, ‘Piano Song’ and ‘Running For Life’… you should check them out! Anyway… one word to sum up this EP… DELICIOUS! Click here to buy from iTunes.