Is The New Album From Leona Lewis Any Good?

In short – YES… it is rather!

Expectations were always going to ridiculously high for ‘Echo’, album number 2 by Leona Lewis after selling over 6million copies of debut album ‘Spirit’.

It’s rather marvellous… as a whole album it takes a couple of listens to really begin to love the songs, which, are strong, well written and well produced. Leona’s voice soars and shines brightly – it’s better than ever this time around. ‘Echo’ is a strong, mature and confident album.

The album mainly takes place in med-tempo territory with the occasion slow big ballad and up-tempo banger. Current single ‘Happy’ kicks things off in fine style, followed by ‘I Got You’, which is an easy sing-a-long track and an obvious contender for a single release. ‘Outta My Head’ is the most up-beat Leona song, she sounds great and it is an interesting style for her. ‘My Hands’ and ‘Love Letter’ are particular highlights. The cover version of the Oasis hit ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ is given the ‘Run’ treatment. Whilst, hidden track ‘Stone Hearts & Hand Grenades’ is beautiful.

Give this album a go… try not to compare it to ‘Spirit’, forget album sales and chart positions and judge it on it’s own merits and everyone will be better off!!!