Is The New Rihanna Album Any Good?

We wonder how many reviews of ‘Rated R’ have used the word ‘dark’?

‘Rated R’ is the much anticipated fourth album from Rihanna. Her previous album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ has sold over 7million copies worldwide so expectations are inevitably high. In many ways, this feels like Rihanna’s second album… ‘Music Of The Sun’ and ‘A Girl Like Me’ contain some cracking singles but as albums they lack the creativity and polish found on ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ and ‘Rated R’.

‘Rated R’ is a great album… it appears to be autobiographical, hard, edgy and a bold step in a new direction with some solid production to back it up. This is an album of loss, heartbreak and passion. It contains some brilliant tracks such as the second single ‘Hard’ to the brilliant produced ‘Photographs’, which, reminded me of Fleetwood Mac! ‘Stupid In Love’ is reminiscent of ‘Unfaithful’. Three of the best tracks appear towards the end of the album ‘Te Amo’, ‘Cold Case Love’ and ‘The Last Song’ showcase different styles and sounds effectively.

Overall, it is very worth giving a go… it will take a couple of listens to hear the layers and depths in each song. When listening, REALLY enjoy ‘Rated R’ for it’s own styles, sounds and direction.