Pop Cart’s Top 10 Albums Of 2009!

Here it is… Pop Cart’s Top 10 albums of 2009! These are the BEST and most fantastic albums released during the year of 2009. It features everyone’s favourite UK girl group, three American Idol winners and the only debut album of the lot taking the top spot! See what you think…

Number 10:
The Saturdays – Wordshaker
The second album from The Saturdays saw a more confident attitude, a fresh and catchy collection of new songs with a bigger and varied sound. The first seven songs on Wordshaker are magnificent, the remainder are top quality pop songs too. The girls put in some fine vocal performances too… each vocal is now matchable to it’s owner, which, all good girl groups should be able to achieve! It reached number 9 in the UK when released in October.
Standout Tracks: Forever Is Over, Wordshaker, Ego, One Shot.

Number 9:
Paramore – brand new eyes
Another AMAZING Paramore record… making it three in a row now! It’s bigger, louder and equally as good as their two previous albums. The album was a big hit across the world for Hayley, Josh, Taylor, Jeremy and Zac. 2009 will mark the year when people started to take the band seriously and not write them off as a teen-rock group. It reached number 1 here in the UK in September and as a result it propelled them to UK arenas… good work!
Standout Tracks:
 Careful, Playing God, Brick By Boring Brick, Misguided Ghosts. 

Number 8:
Carrie Underwood – Play On
The third album from Carrie was a continuation of the sounds that previosuly bought success, this time each song is a winner, very strong material, well written and delivered with style and pinache. Big sales already in the USA and a mammouth US tour already planned for 2010. A genuinely humble star as well. With the right choice of singles, Carrie could easily conquer Europe and beyond!
Standout Tracks: Quitter, Someday When I Stop Loving You, Temporary Home, This Time, Unapologize, Play On.

Number 7:
Rihanna – Rated R
Rated R is a diverse collection of songs that, together create a specific sound that was the surprise of 2009. Kicking off late in the year, Rihanna delivered a fine, passionate and classy record, that acknowledged her personal struggles during 2009 without going into specific details. Each song is different to the last, expressing an unseen side of Rihanna, it’s fresh and exciting to hear. The album has so far reached number 16 in the UK chart but has sold over 150,000 copies in three weeks.
Standout Tracks: Hard, Stupid In Love, Russian Roulette, Rude Boy, Photographs, The Last Song, Te Amo,
Cold Case Love.

Number 6:
Jordin Sparks – Battlefield
A maturer sound was embraced on Jordin’s second album. ‘Battlefield’ contains a mixture of ballads and up-tempo stompers, the album mainly discusses love and trying to keep hold of it. The digital online version of the album contained several bonus tracks which are worth exploring. Battlefield reached number 11 in the UK when it was released in July 2009.
Standout Tracks: Battlefield, S.O.S ‘Let The Music Play), Watch You Go, No Parade, Let It Rain

Number 5:
Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You
A brilliant album all-round, it has everything you could possibly want from an album… humour, tenderness, variety, imagination… a much more confident and diverse than ‘Alright, Still’ as well. The album is the complete opposite to everything else released this year in terms of style, sound and performance. The videos for each single have been outstanding as well. It’s a real shame that Lily will be taking an extended break from music after this exceptional album,, fingers crossed she records again soon.
Standout Tracks: 22, Not Fair, Fu*k You, I Could Say, Back To The Start.

Number 4:
Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted 
Kelly Clarkson’s fourth album is a strong and diverse collection of songs – ranging from big giant emotional ballads to massive rock-out anthems, the production throughout is superb. All I Ever Wanted showed her vocal range to its fullest and proved to be two fingers up to her critics in the process, who had written her off. It reached number 3 in the UK when released in March 2009 and features her first UK number 1 single ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’.
Standout Tracks: One Shot, Don’t Let Me Stop You, All I Ever Wanted, Ready, Impossible and Tip Of My Tongue.

Number 3:
Nerina Pallot – The Graduate
A third album from Nerina Pallot collects the best bits of her previous albums to create a super album. The Graduate was a long time coming but it was worth the wait… it has a clear purpose and it entertains, each song is well crafted and thoughtful.
Top marks for the unique alternative video diary became known as the I Digress Sessions, which became a clever way to showcase the songs on the album prior to it’s release.
Standout Tracks: Human, Real Late Starter, Everythings Illuminated!, The Right Side.

Number 2:
Beverley Knight – 100%
There is always high expectations for a new Beverley Knight album and she always delivers. On her own label, Beverley clearly makes an album that is ‘Beverley’. Each song is strong in it’s message, they’re well written and delivered with perfection. The album features legends in the form of production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, as well as Chaka Khan and Robin Gibb – testimony to the fact that Beverley is highly regarded within the music business. AMAZING live sets to support this album only highlight the sheer incredibleness of Ms Knight.
Standout Tracks: all are awesome especially Turned To Stone, Bare, Square Peg, Breakout, In Your Shoes, Too Much Heaven.

Number 1:
V V Brown – Travelling Like The Light
A superb debut album… truly remarkable, each song embraces a differnt individual and unique style and actually works as a cohesive and coherent album! Contains great lyrics, themes and production. Delivered with confidence and genuine emotion by VV. Fantastic live performances too! A sparkling album from start to finish.
Standout Tracks: All of them especially… Game Over, Crying Blood, Shark In The Water, Leave, Back In Time, Bottles, Everybody, Crazy Amazing.