Diana Vickers – Super, Smashing, GRRRREAT!

We’ve been VERY VERY VERY lucky to hear all of three minutes and five seconds of ‘Once’, the truly marvellous debut single from Diana Vickers. It’s a Cathy Dennis and Eg White number so you know it’s going to be awesome from the off. It’s a stunningly crafted song, beautiful… it’s quiet but builds and then falls again. The chorus is loud and perfect to show off Diana’s voice. What else can we add that Popjustice didn’t *shakes fist*. Here are some of the finer details for you:

  • Diana starts singing at 19 seconds.
  • The first word of the song is “here” and the last word of the song is “me”.
  • ‘Once’ is sung 34 times.
  • At 2:17 there is an instrumental break (which, any good song should have!)
  • Diana finishes singing at 2:52.
  • At the start and close of the song there is a long whoosing floaty, airy noise, which reminded us of the sound of aeroplanes overhead but when you’re indoors!
  • ‘Once’ is an exceptionally brilliant pop song.

For more information and news, you should check out Diana’s official website by clicking here.