Is The Debut Album From Esmée Denters Any Good?

Long story short… Esmée Denters recorded herself singing some songs in her bedroom, she posted them on YouTube and lots of people watched. In the process, she caught the eye of Justin Timberlake who signed her to his record label Tennman Records in 2007.

So, here it finally is… Esmée Denters debut album ‘Outta Here’, BUT is it any good? Well, YES, it’s actually rather bloody marvellous!

The album kicks off with the awesome and highly infectious recent single ‘Admit It’, before turning to the Ryan Tedder co-written and produced ‘Victim’, which, is a corker. ‘Outta Here’ still sounds fantastic six months on. ‘Love Dealer’ has been lined up as the third single from the album, it’s a good choice too.

Other highlights include the gorgeous ‘Gravity’, the reflective ‘Memories Turn To Dust’, and the upbeat ‘Getting Over You’. ‘Bigger Than The World’ is a phenonenomal track – it’s huge sonically and lyrically, it’s very catchy! ‘Sad Symphony’ is a terrific track with clever lyrics and ‘Follow My Lead’ is the perfect upbeat track to close the album.

‘Outta Here’ can be heard in full on we7 by clicking here, and what strikes you most about the album is Esmée’s vocals, which, are truly remarkable. The album boasts A-list writers and producers which, create variety and a real mixture of styles, sounds and beats. Label boss, Justin Timberlake presence runs throughout this album… you can hear him or his influences on nearly every track. ‘Outta Here’ is an extremely strong album featuring great songs that sound fresh, uniquely different and are easily identifiably as tracks by Esmée Denters. Good job to all involved…