The Best Selling Singles And Albums Of 2009

It’s been what feels like an endless amount of charts, lists and countdowns recently, this is the last one to complete the set – the best selling singles and albums of 2009. Here’s what you bought most…


The 10 biggest selling singles of 2009 include two songs by Lady GaGa and three songs by The Black Eyed Peas, who together have seemingly dominated 2009.

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1. Lady GaGa: ‘Poker Face’
2. The Black Eyed Peas: ‘I Gotta Feeling’
3. Lady GaGa: ‘Just Dance’
4. Cheryl Cole: ‘Fight For This Love’
5. Joe McElderry: ‘The Climb’
6. La Roux: ‘In For The Kill’
7. The Black Eyed Peas: ‘Boom Boom Pow’
8. Rage Against The Machine: ‘Killing In The Name’
9. Alexandra Burke ft. Flo Rida: ‘Bad Boys’
10. The Black Eyed Peas: ‘Meet Me Halfway’


The 10 biggest selling albums of 2009 include an album released only six weeks ago taking the top spot, Susan Boyle’s ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ is the biggest selling album of the 2009 and one of fiftieth best selling albums of the decade as well.

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1. Susan Boyle: ‘I Dreamed A Dream’
2. Lady GaGa: ‘The Fame’
3. Michael Bublé: ‘Crazy Love’
4. Black Eyed Peas: ‘The E.N.D.’
5. Kings of Leon: ‘Only By The Night’
6. JLS: ‘JLS’
7. Beyoncé: ‘I Am Sasha Fierce’
8. Paolo Nutini: ‘Sunny Side Up’
9. Lily Allen: ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’
10. Robbie Williams: ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’