The First CD Single We’ve Bought Since 2004*

The new Girls Can’t Catch single is FINALLY out on Monday 18th January 2010 (THIS Monday)… our copy arrived in the post today (thanks to HMV). ‘Echo’ itself is very excellent AND is backed by a rather marvellous b-side called ‘Love Shy’, which, is another GRREAT reason to buy it! If you’re interested in remixes and all that malarky you should get CD2 or the EP from all good legal download stores.

 Anyway… here is some behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot!

For more Girls Can’t Catch on Pop Cart you should click here.

*this is actually not true and therefore, a lie because we bought ‘Keep Your Head Up’ also by Girls Can’t Catch in August last year but that revelation didn’t have the same impact so we exaggerated a little instead!