They Certainly Don’t Make Diva’s* Like This Anymore!

THANK the lord… Toni Braxton is BACK! The gorgeously silky tones of Ms. Braxton have been absent since the release of her last album ‘Libra’ in 2006 BUT 2010 sees her return with a brand new single ‘Yesterday’ which, is already available in the US, whilst the UK and Europe can expect it in February. Toni’s seventh studio album entitled ‘Pulse’, is tentatively due for a release on 1st March 2010 here in the UK – HURRAH!

‘Yesterday’ is a big giant ballad… it’s an anthem for the broken hearted complete with you-did-me-wrong-and-I’m-not-taking-anymore lyrics! Toni looks stunnig in the video, she sounds as delicious as ever and overall… it’s a winner all round!

There is also a remixed slightly uptempo duet version of ‘Yesterday’, which, features US male vocalist, Trey Songz. Why not give it a go as well…

* Diva in the positive sense!