We Get It, Your Name Is Jason Derülo!!!

The album, ‘This Is Not A Test’ by Missy Elliott was almost ruined by the tag ‘This Is Another Missy Elliott Exculsive’ in almost every song. Jason Derülo seems to be following suit, as he sings his name in both the singles he has released so far AND every time he does an interview for that matter (or so it seems anyway)! Luckily, he has released two VERY good singles to make up for it… the new single ‘In My Head’ is released today here in the UK. Fingers crossed that the forthcoming third single ‘Ridin’ Solo’ does not feature any name singing – we get it, your name is Jason Derülo!!!

However, if you like the name singing, you should click on the MENU button within the video player to watch Jason’s track-by-track album interview – he sings his name in each of the 9 videos – (granted it’s the same introduction each time, but that’s not the point… see below for a taster)! You can get hold of his self titled album on 1st March!