Does It Really Sound Good Though?

Now in its fifty-fifth year, The Eurovision Song Contest is legendary and often for all the wrong reasons. The UK has won 7 times but has faired very badly in recent years. That was all remedied in January 2009 when the BBC decided to take the event seriously enlisting Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber to write a song together with the incredibly amazing Diane Warren. Following a public vote, the sensational Jade Ewen was chosen to represent the UK with the song ‘It’s My Time’. Ewen then went on a promotional tour of Europe to gain support from the voters… it paid off – the UK finished in fifth place – it’s best position for seven years. 

In 2010, the BBC has announced in January that Pete Waterman had been chosen to write the song for this year’s contest. Now, Pete Waterman is responsible for some of the most AMAZING pop songs of the 1980’s, some very decent pop songs in the 1990’s and some alright pop songs in the 00’s… his recent work has been somewhat patchy.

Josh Dubovie emerged victorious from Friday night’s selection show ‘Eurovision: Your Country Needs You’. Dubovie will represent the United Kingdom singing ‘Sounds Good To Me’ – which, you can see here. He is clearly much better than the song, which sounds like a stale, dated and quite rubbish Steps b-side… maybe it’s a grower? Good luck to him though. The contest will take place in Oslo on 29th May.