Homage To The The High Life?

We do love a bit of Kate Nash here at Pop Cart – ‘Made Of Bricks’ is a very good debut album and her live performances are always a bit special, so we’re very glad indeed to see her back!!! We were quite worried when we first heard the free buzz album track ‘I Just Love You More’ BUT panic over as the single ‘Do Wah Doo’ is a mighty fine reintroduction to Kate’s sound – it’s basically the same as before but revved up a million percent to beyond awesome.

As with ALL of Kate’s video’s this one is AMAZING too – she looks stunning, we’d really love it even more if it was inspired by ‘The High Life’ (the hilarious ace mid-ninties BBC2 comedy that no-one ever remembers because it only ran for one series) – we actually doubt it is though – humph! Anyway, the single will be released on April 12th and is the first track from the new Bernard Butler produced album ‘My Best Friend Is You’, which is due on April 19th! You can hear some demo’s of tracks featured on the album over on her MySpace page… Huzzah!