My Eyes, My Eyes, My Beautiful Eyes!

Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light first caught our eyes and ears back in January when he duetted with the gloriously exceptional Nerina Pallot on a cover of the Prince classic ‘When Doves Cry’ during the uStream ‘I Don’t Want To Go Out Sessions’.

Since then, we’ve been keeping an eye on him (in a non-stalker like way OBV) via Twitter (we rather enjoy the local ‘caff’ related Tweets) and on MySpace and his music is very good indeed!

You can get your hands on two free tracks from his blogone of them is a demo called ‘Blueprint’ and the other is a cover of the gorgeous Fleetwood Mac track ‘Landslide’, his version also happens to be gorgeous too!

Yesterday, to celebrate the launch of his new official and proper website, he released a FREE single called ‘A New Word To Say’ which, you can download by creating an account/profile. The track is spectacularly addictive… you can give it a go by clicking here to visit his website.