Around The World With ‘Each Tear’

We’re not entirely sure why you’d follow up ‘I Am’, with ‘Each Tear’, a song that’s almost identical but with different lyrics when you have thumpingly good songs such as ‘I Can’t Wait’ and ‘City On Fire’ but Mary J. Blige has! ‘Each Tear’ originally appears as a solo version on the US edition of Mary’s current album ‘Stronger withEach Tear’, whilst in other territories it is cleverly transformed into a duet, where Mary sings with an artist from the following countries:

UK – Jay Sean
Australia – Vanessa Amorosi
Germany – Rea Garvey
Canada – K’naan
Italy – Tiziano Ferro

If you’re interested, you should hunt down the other versions and compare… if you’re not interested in doing that, the solo version wins! ‘Each Tear’ featuring Jay Sean is released here in the UK on 10th May.