HURTS have made a very elegantly classy video for their forthcoming single ‘Better Than Love’. We’re really rather excited about this song not only because it’s superb and it’s a joy to hear Theo’s vocal soar as the track builds from it’s haunting and fragile beginnings to it’s triumphant climax but also because we’ve been playing the four track sampler consisting of ‘Wonderful Life’ ‘Happiness’, ‘Illuminated’ and Silver Lining’ almost daily since January, so we’re happy to have something else by the duo to listen to!

‘Better Than Love’ was produced by HURTS together with Jonas Quant and will be available from 24th May 2010*. The band will be release their music through the label belonging to the legendary Richard ‘Biff’ Stannard, who is responsible for some of the MOST amazingly incredible pop songs of all time.

* With thanks to Richard Stannard for the information.