Justin Nozuka Returns…

Justin Nozuka is a 21 year old, Canadian-American singer-songwriter. In 2007, he released his glorious debut album entitled ‘Holly’, which included the singles ‘After Tonight’ and ‘Criminal’ (the video for which, you can see above). It was in 2007, that we had the complete honour and privilege of seeing Justin sound check at his gig at the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester – it was phenomenal, his voice was gorgeous and his guitar playing was superb as well.

On 7th June 2010 he will release his second album here in the UK. ‘You I Wind Land And Sea’ features the lead single ‘My Heart Is Yours’ which you can see below. The album also features a stunning track called ‘Heartless’ which, has been selected as the second single in other territories.

If you like what you see and hear, you can get your hands on a FREE demo MP3, thanks to Amazon UK. The track ‘Season’s Change’ is available from digital the store by clicking here. To find out more about Justin, you should visit his official MySpace page here.