It’s always good to admit that you were wrong… in fact, it’s important to re-evaluate old preconceptions and ideas ESP since Goldfrappgate… we’re not taking any chances, no way!

Previously, Sia was on our list entitled ‘artists we don’t really get whilst everyone else gets a big giant hard on over’… we tried with the first album ‘Healing Is Difficult’ and we tried again with the albums ‘Colour The Small One’ and ‘Some People Have Real Problems’– all three album were perfectly fine but we never found ourselves saying “oooh, lets put on that Sia album”. We did however, like Sia… she always seemed nice, which made us despair even more about not getting it.

It looks like things are about to change with this AMAZING big giant massive pop song called ‘Clap Your Hands’ – it’s incredible! The vocal and the choruses are acely superb. The video is stunningly good – it’s funny, cute and is by miles our most favourite video of the year so far – we love the pink haired, flag pole gyrating Sia puppet most of all, oh and the aeroplane Sia too! The single is the first to be taken from Sia’s new album ‘We Are Born’ which is due for release on 12th July here in the UK. The album was produced by the very talented Greg Kurstin and contains a grrreat mix of styles and includes some fantastic tracks as well as a cover version of Madonna’s ‘Oh Father’.

Funnily, this song makes Sia make sense to us here at Pop Cart, the previous albums now sound different in some way, so here ends the lesson on admitting you were probably wrong all along!