The Black Eyed Peas At The O2

We went to see The Black Eyed Peas at The O2 last night. During the show, we felt like we had a very good time – the band got all their hits out, which is always good plus there were lots of effects and thrills throughout. Yet, this morning, apart from the motorbike flying across the arena and our favourite song ‘Meet Me Halfway’ we can’t remember specifically what we enjoyed about the show AND can only remember what made us angry… at times they need to “JUST GET ON WITH IT!!!”, the ending was an anti-climax finish and the self-indulgent DJ set was far too lengthy. Also, certainly needed to stop banging on about and saying London every five seconds ESP given that he’d done the same routine in Manchester earlier this week! The highlights of his many pointless ramblings included how he’d move to Chiswick (?), whilst listing all the venues the band had played… Will – everyone else was thinking that the show would’ve been approximately 15minutes shorter and better without you going on!!!!! It probably says more about us BUT in our defense our thoughts were echoed and backed-up across the many conversations we were eavesdropping during the tube ride home!

Oh, and Cheryl Cole was also there!!!