What’s All The Fuss About!?!

A rhetorical question: why is there so much woo-haa about the new Christina Aguilera video for ‘Not Myself Tonight’ – it’s an AMAZING video for a truly incredible single!

Regarding the ridiculous criticisms surrounding this video we’d like to refer you to Ecclesiastes 1:9 “… there is nothing new under the sun”. All you have to do is simply enjoy it for what it is… if you don’t like it, let it go rather than spreading hate.

The single is available digitially here in the UK from Sunday 9th May, with the album ‘Bionic’ following on June 7th.

UPDATE: Christina ‘Not Myself Tonight’ live on Oprah on May 7th – Christina’s hair looks incredible… you can see the fantastic live performance by clicking here.

UPDATE UPATED – 25/05/2010: Below is a behind-the-scenes, making of the video feature in which Christina reveals the inspirations behind the video for ‘Not Myself Tonight’.