Catching A Tiger

Lissie released her very very fantastic debut album ‘Catching A Tiger’ today – you should most certainly check it out! It features the very awesome ‘In Sleep’ (you can see a live version here) and the lead single ‘When I’m Alone’ which, is just as awesome… and now has a video (below)!!! All of the tracks on the album are great but (so far) highlights include ‘Record Collector’, ‘Bully’, ‘Little Lovin” and ‘Everywhere I Go’.

Four of the tracks from the album appeared on Lissie’s debut EP ‘Why You Runnin” which was released in 2009. You can download a free MP3 of a track on the EP from the UK Amazon store. You can get the live version of ‘Little Lovin” by clicking here.

Recently, Lissie and Ellie Goulding have struck up a friendship and have performed together several times – in the video below they duet spectacularly on a very excellent song ‘Everywhere I Go’.