Is The New Christina Aguilera Album Any Good?

Finally, Christina Aguilera’s fourth studio album ‘Bionic’ has been unleashed… it has been four years since ‘Back To Basics’, so does it live up to the massive expectations? On Saturday, when our copy arrived we’d have said very quietly and through gritted teeth ‘no it doesn’t’ BUT BUT BUT thankfully now today it’s a different story. The album will take a few listens to work its magic and we find that listening to it on shuffle helps as the sequencing and ordering of the tracks at times is a little strange, although feel free to ignore us because it’s probably just us!

The good news is that ‘Bionic’ is ANOTHER cracking effort from Christina… it’s full of thumping upbeat tracks and thoughtful, more reflective quieter moments. The standard edition holds 18 tracks (although 3 are interludes) whilst deluxe edition boasts 23 tracks PLUS there is an iTunes bonus track entitled ‘Little Dreamer’. Making ‘Bionic’ a 24 track piece of work – phew!

Opening track ‘Bionic’ is a sublime opener, it showcases the direction of many of the tracks and hints at what is to come throughout the duration of the album. It’s a cheeky nod to where Christina has been and to where she is heading. Despite all of the criticisms, ‘Not Myself Tonight’ is a fantastic track. ‘Woohoo’ is the longest track on the album, the ‘licky licky yum yum’ hook is super catchy and is definately a worthy choice for the second single. ‘Desnudate’ is a sexy and super hot club track.

We’re still finding our way with ‘Elastic Love’, ‘Glam’, ‘Prima Donna’ and ‘Sex For Breakfast’– partly due to the strength and addictiveness of the other material that is causing us to avoid them!

The sequence of the four tracks ‘Lift Me Up’, ‘All I Need’, ‘I Am’ and ‘You Lost Me’ are the standout tracks on the album. ‘Lift Me Up’ is a gorgeous song written by Linda Perry track. ‘I Am’ is probably our favourite – it’s vulnerable yet knowing, the delicateness heightens the softer and beautiful tones within Christina’s voice. ‘You Lost Me’ is stunning, it benefits from Christina holding back from belting until the second chorus and the bridge.

‘I Hate Boys’ is a fun, shouty in yer face track and ‘My Girls’ is an anthem for female solidarity which name checks the female collaborators on the album. ‘Vanity’ is another track where Christina revels in her strength “going strong, let us not forget who owns the thrown” before the track ends and her son Max replies “you do Mommy”.

The deluxe bonus disc features the more experimental sounding tracks, although why ‘Bobblehead’ was left off the standard tracklisting is beyond us. Similarly, ‘Stonger Than Ever’ which is a glorious ballad and features Christina’s voice in full throttle, would easily sit nicely on the album.

‘Bionic’ is a grreat record and deserves to do extremely well because it is a very stong collection of songs from one of the finest and most incredible singers.