The ‘In One Minute, How Many Things Can You Spot Featured On The Eliza Doolittle Album Cover’ Game!!!

We don’t just shove any old album cover up and go ‘ooooh look at this’ here at Pop Cart… it has to be exceptional and something special for us to do that! We previously thought that Tracey Thorn would run away with the Pop Cart Poll Winners Party trophy for Artwork Of The Year, but now we’re not so sure! 

The stunningly amazing Eliza Dollittle will release her self titled debut album on 12th July 2010 and the cover is ACE, ACE, ACE… it shows Eliza looking très beautiful against a backdrop of UK landmarks and sights!

Starter for 10… how about a little game – why don’t you (literally) shout out how many different ‘things’ you can spot going on within 1 minute… make sure you shout out the obvious ones too! Our sightings are below so don’t cheat and spoil your fun! Ready? GO, GO, GO!!! Also, please do feel free to let us know if you see anymore items we might’ve missed!

1. Eliza (OBV!)
2. A cat who looks like Eliza’s cat Monty (who sadly died recently – sorry Eliza)
3. Eliza straddling the Gherkin (frankly there aren’t enough album covers with artists straddling landmarks so extra points to Eliza there)
4. An ice-cream splatted against the Gherkin
4. BT Tower
5. A red dice showing the numbers 5, 3 and 1
6. Eliza’s leg as featured on the EP cover
7. A childhood picture of Eliza set inside a building which looks like a building in Canary Wharf.
8. A volcano billowing smoke clouds
9. Stonehenge
10. A radio/cassette player
11. A pair of lips
12. A roaring lion with a daffodil in its mouth
13. Two Tower Bridge’s
14. Big Ben
15. An aeroplane with ariel banner
16. Lightning
17. Clouds
18. Multi-coloured houses all in a row (Balamory style)
19. A sea-front, dock or harbour
20. Six paint splashes
21. Ten pink bubbles

Phew… we maybe got a bit over excited and now might be in need of a sit down!