Unexpected Indeed!

Biagio Antonacci is an Italian singer who has been releasing music since 1989. He has teamed up with the amazingly sensational Leona Lewis on his new studio album entitled ‘Inaspettata’. Biagio and Leona duet on the title track ‘Inaspettata (Unexpected)’ and the results are magnificent… it’s grreat to hear something a little different. The video was shot at the end of April and Leona sounds gorgeous as ever singing in both English and Italian, she also looks stunningly beautiful too.

Edit: If you use Internet Explorer, you might not be able to see the video on the page – if you can’t see it, click on the article headline above ‘Unexpected Indeed’ and you will see it and be able to watch it. If you use Safari or other Internet browsers you shouldn’t have any problem seeing it straight away! Microsoft / Windows – fail!