100 Miles From Memphis…

The highly AMAZING Sheryl Crow releases her seventh studio album today entitled ‘100 Miles From Memphis’. The album showcases an impressive blend of vintage blues and soul inspired sounds.

The lead single ‘Summer Day’ is a laidback, addictive slow burner that becomes more powerful with each listen (video above). Other highlights from the record include a distinctive cover of Terence Trent D’Arby’s 1990’s hit Sign Your Name’, it also features JustinTimberlake on backing vocals. ‘Long Road Home’ is a beautiful carefree, feel-good number with a fantastic sing-a-long chorus. ‘Stop’ is a gorgeous piano led heartfelt ode to losing love. Even though some of the tracks feel too long in length, on the whole it’s another superb Sheryl Crow record – marvellous!

The video below, is a fascinating look exploring the inspiration behind the album, it features footage from the studio sessions and interviews with Sheryl and the musicians involved with this superb album.