…And Breathe!


What do you do when the world seems to be particularly mad? For example, let’s imagine – the cat kills a bird and displays all of the feathers onto the rug he makes a point of avoiding at all costs, the Virgin Media technician is beyond rude and the estate agent tells you off when you say you’d rather not wait in all day on your birthday (9th August for anyone who might be interested) so that someone can have a poke around! Aaargh…


You make a cup of tea and stick on the new (although, it’s not technically brand new as it’s been available since June) Morcheeba album, ‘Blood Like Lemonade’. The album is very exciting for a number of reasons… the main reason being that the Godfrey brothers have patched it up with Skye Edwards, who after seven years and two very superb solo albums returns to front the group – collective HURRAH!!!

The album itself is glorious… it’s reflective, soulful and rich in textures and sounds. The production values and songwriting is grrreat throughout. Moreover, it’s an absolute joy to hear the tremendous vocals of Skye on a Morcheeba album once more. Highlights from the album include the magnificent lead single ‘Even Though’ (video below), the beautiful and fragile ‘I Am The Spring’, the hypnotic ‘Recipe For Disaster’ and the perfect remedy for any day that might push you over the edge ‘Easier Said Than Done’.


One ‘spin’ of ‘Blood Like Lemonade’ and everything is fine again… YAAAY!

By the way, the band are currently touring and playing festivals across the world, for more information visit their official website here.