There Simply Aren’t Enough Video’s Featuring Pop Stars In Gorilla Suits!

Next Monday (26th July) sees the release of ‘Annie You Save Me’, the terrifically ace new single from Graffiti6. The track oozes goodness… it’s sweet and soulful, with huge production and THOSE vocals from Jamie Scott, who sounds as gorgeously divine as ever, he really has got one of the best voices (you should seriously track down his solo work or the album as Jamie Scott & The Town – immense). Also, everyone has an Annie in their lives so it’s particularly fun to insert the name of your own real life Annie when singing along, errrm, maybe that’s just us then!

Anyway, the video is also rather a lot of fun…

The single will be taken from the album entitled ‘Colours’, which is scheduled for release later in the year. For more info – click here or visit the band’s website here