Happy 4th July!

‘Flesh Tone’ is one of the greatest albums released so far this year, it has everything you could want – great songs, superb vocals and magnificent production. The second single from the album is ‘4th Of July (Fireworks)’ and it’s a corker, a real hands in the air number.

The video was shot by Rankin and will be available to download as a remix EP from 4th July funnily enough! A CD single is available tomorrow, backed with the Calvin Harris remix of the track.

Kelis recently recorded a live session for her US label Cherrytree Records… the three tracks performed semi-acoustically include the single ‘4th July (Fireworks)’, the terrific ’22nd Century’ and a gorgeous version of a track from the album entitled ‘Brave’. The EP is only currently available in the US, so for now enjoy these tracks in the video form below…


’22nd Century’