Fantasia – Back To Me

The highly amazing Fantasia releases her new album ‘Back To Me’ this week and it’s blumming brilliant!

The main theme of the album centre around songs of the ‘you hurt me but now I’m back stronger than ever’ variety, whilst other themes discussed on the album focus upon the first stages of love how it blossoms – two extreme spectrums but Fantasia weaves her magic convincingly whichever ‘role’ or ‘persona’ she is portraying within the songs. Fantasia really has to be one of the greatest – her ability to identify with the lyrics in a song and convey that meaning and emotion is unbelievable.

Sonically, the album is a retro, throw-back, doo-wop style with hints of a modern contemporary sound. As a whole the album is superb… it’s fresh and each song showcases a different musical style which emphasises and highlights different tones within Fantasia’s incredible voice and range. Stand-out moments from the album include the life affirming ‘I’m Doin’ Me’, the jazz tinged single ‘Bittersweet’, the very cute ‘Who’s Been Lovin’ You’ and ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ which is exceptionally phenomenal. Other highlights include the reggae groove on ‘Teach Me’, the joyful ‘Trust Him’ and the spine-tingling rendition of ‘I’m Here’ from “The Color Purple” musical.

‘Back To Me’ is such a fantastic album… it’s exciting, confident and assured, plus it works as a whole concept rather than a simple collection of songs, it also happens to be Fantasia’s finest album to date which is really saying something because the previous album have also been very tremendous! ‘Back To Me’ is a definite must have!