In Other Words ‘Push Off’…

‘Aphrodite’ is one heck of an album… vocally Kylie sounds stunning and there’s a delicious range of styles on offer from the euphoric ‘Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)’ to the RnB inspired, piano led ‘Everything Is Beautiful’ and the sing-a-long anthemic title track Aphrodite. The writing and production credits are exceptional too – Nerina Pallot, Calvin Harris and Starsmith to name a few. It’s a definite must have album for anyone!

The second single from the album ‘Get Outta My Way is ready to go and is due to be released in the UK on 27th September. The single is a glorious radio friendly track, thanks to it’s house piano hook which runs throughout the song and its infectious chorus… it also sounds grrrreat live! The video is a brightly colourful extravaganza – Kylie looks stunningly beautiful and visually, it includes several elements from the album artwork and general look associated with the campaign so far (we know what we mean, all things floaty, the colours, movements etc)!

‘Get Outta My Way’ will be available in various physical formats (2 CD’s and 7″ vinyl), all of which can be bought online from Record Store here for £5.99. The remixes from the maxi CD single will also be available as part of a digital EP released on 27th September as well.

You can’t have it all your own way, all of the time BUT it happens to be a big giant bummer that there is no new b-side included with this single as you can’t beat a good old Kylie b-side!