Gloriously Brilliant!

The completetly brilliant and very ace KT Tunstall returns with a new single and album this week – HURRAH!!!

The lead single ‘(Still A) Weirdo’ is released today, ahead of KT’s third studio album ‘Tiger Suit’ which is avilable from tomorrow (27th Spetember).

‘(Still A) Weirdo’ has a universally gorgeous lyric, it’s a reflective track where KT optimistically acknowledges and reaffirms that she has faults “I don’t always get it right” but is willing to accept and make the most of what she’s got “but a thousand different ways and i just might”. Musically, it’s a hauntingly beautiful acoustic number… it’s really rather special.

‘Tiger Suit’ is a rather delicious album! Opening track ‘Uummannaq Song’ is AMAZING, very exciting and sonically unlike anything she has recorded before, there are tribal elements, chanting and an unexpected upbeat dancebeat too – sumptuous!

KT describes the very excellent ‘Push That Knot Away’ as “…one of my first attempts at mixing a picked acoustic tune with electronica. Big, magic step for me” – the twang and grooves work so brilliantly! Other highlights include, the fantastic upbeat US single ‘Fade Like A Shadow’, the very handsome and lovely ‘Lost’ and the exquisite album closer ‘The Entertainer’.

‘Tiger Suit’ is another stunning collection of songs from KT… it’s superbly written with great production and embraces new styles and sounds to her previous material… it’s so refreshing to hear an artist growing and developing with each album and as a result most of ‘Tiger Suit’ shines so majestically.

Listen in full below…

Amazon are giving away a FREE download of a track entitled ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This (Baby)’ – it appears on the Japanese edition of the album and you can get it here.

Finally, the official KT Tunstall website has had a makeover and is now live, you can check out forthcoming tour dates etc by clicking here.