JoJo Is Definitely The Way!

It has been four years since JoJo’s superb second album ‘The High Road’ was released… still only 19 JoJo’s is back with a free mix-tape entitled ‘Can’t Take That Away From Me’. The eleven track collection showcases JoJo’s stunningly good vocals and enables her to explore new ground on material that is fresh and exciting.

Opening tracks ‘Can’t Take That Away From Me’ and ‘Running On Empty’ are both soulful tracks with killer choruses and drum beats/loops to die for. ‘Pretty Please’ has a disctinctive vibe helmed by Chad Hugo (The Neptunes), the lyrics are particularly creative too “keep your hands and eye of my merchandise, you break it, you bought it baby”. ‘Just A Dream’ is a gorgeous bittersweet acoustic number. ‘When Does It Go Away’ is a beautiful duet with Travis Garland. ‘My Time Is Money’ is noisy and loud, and JoJo’s vocal soars throughout. ‘In The Dark’ offers a brooding experiemental sound, the many layers and textures are hypnotic.

An impressive thing to note is that ten of the eleven tracks on ‘Can’t Take That Away From Me’ were written by JoJo, showing not only that she is a gifted vocalist but that she is a talented songwriter as well. The mix-tape is a triumph, there’s something for everyone in terms of sounds and styles. Given that the mix-tape is free, it’s refreshing to see and hear how much effort has been put in to creating this project… in fact, you’d be happy parting with your money for this collection! Ultimately, ‘Can’t Take That Away From Me’ is an impressively brilliant project from a hugely talented artist. Fingers crossed the much delayed album ‘All I Want Is Everything’ gets the go ahead now!

You can download the mix-tape from Rap-Up by clicking here. Writing and production credits are featured on the Rap-Up site here and JoJo explains the thought process behind the mix-tape in an open letter to fans here.

EDIT: a video for the lead track from the mix-tape has also premiered on Rap-Up. ‘In The Dark’ was directed by Nicole Ehrlich and Clarence Fuller. Marvellous stuff all round…