Last Chance To Buy Before The Single Chart Is Announced Tomorrow…

‘According To You’ is the debut UK single from singer/songwriter, guitar player and all round talent Orianthi. The track has been available for nearly a year now but was released officially this week… it can only be described as an in-your-face power pop record, full of energy and bitter scathing lyrics of the ‘you didn’t know how to treat me but he does’ variety.

The video is particularly ace too, throughout the video, the the fretboard of the guitar is in shot, Orianthi’s hand can be seen as she plays the notes – it’s like a free guitar lesson from a great guitarist!

‘According To You’ is taken from Orianthi’s debut UK album ‘Believe’, which is released on Monday (13th September). You can listen to a five track sampler on we7 by clicking here.

You can download ‘According To You’ from iTunes here and from Amazon here.