Rock Steady With Rox

This week sees the releases of a fantastically ace single by Rox. The track ‘Rock Steady’ is available from iTunes and as a limited edition 7″ vinyl of only 500 copies – you can get a copy whilst stocks last from the Rough Trade store here.


‘Rock Steady’ is taken from the superb debut album ‘Memoirs’, which features the mighty singles ‘No Going Back’, ‘My Baby Left Me’ and ‘I Don’t Believe You’. If you haven’t tried the album yet, you must – other highlights include the heartfelt ‘Forever Always Wishing’, the delicate acoustic number ‘Heart Ran Dry’ as well as the raw and powerful hidden bonus track ‘Comfort Me Delane’.

There isn’t an official video, however, the video below is a terrific acoustic performance which will do just fine and actually, a live setting is the best place to see and hear Rox anyway! Hurrah!!!