Colours Graffiti6 Style…

Jamie Scott and TommyD aka Graffiti6 release their really rather good debut album ‘Colours’ this week.

The album kicks off with the three tracks already commercially available and one of those is the brilliant current single ‘Stare Into The Sun’. The video concept is both inventive and well executed PLUS it features even more fancy dress than the last video for Annie You Save Me – bravo indeed!

Other highlights on the record include ‘Free’ which has a chunky bassline and catchy vocal hooks combined with lyrical content telling a bittersweet tale of loss and regret – marvellous. The track ‘Calm The Storm’ is sublime and utterly gorgeous, it has a brooding intensity where the music takes centrestage over vocals on this five-and-a-half minute number.

Title track ‘Colours’ is beautiful, the song is well crafted and cleverly uses a variety of ingriednts to create its lush grandeur. ‘Never Look Back’ recalls a similar sound to the first three tracks on the album, the guitar led number features some impressive vocals from Jamie throughout but especially towards the climax. ‘Stop Mary’ (previously featured on the ‘Stone In My Heart’ EP) is an infectious feel good song, the retro beats are magnificent. ‘Lay Me Down’ is another fantastically huge sounding guitar led track and closing track ‘Over You’ is heartbreaking yet gloriously sublime.

‘Colours’ is a hugely impressive album, it showcases a rich blend of styles, sounds and textures, intensified by Jamie Scott’s stunningly gorgeous vocals. The songs are well produced and well thought out which ultimately makes the whole record a complete pleasure and joy to listen to.