Songs From A Hotel Bedroom

The stunningly talented and gorgeously beautiful Frances Ruffelle is currently starring in a new production entitled ‘Songs From A Hotel Bedroom’.

The piece has already played in Watford to impressive reviews and is currently in Ispwich for a three night stint before the shows then heads to London in November.

‘Songs From A Hotel Bedroom’ centers upon “…a stylish and sophisticated post-war New York. Cabaret singer Angélique (Frances Ruffelle) relives the memories of her brief but passionate love affair with songwriter Dan (Nigel Richards), reflecting upon how her life has changed through the highs and lows, their joys, ambitions, travels and separation.”*

The show features the songs of Kurt Weill including ‘September Song’, ‘Speak Low’ and ‘I’m A Stranger Here Myself’. The tango plays a prominent part of the piece, executed by dancers Tara Pilbrow and Amir Giles.

‘Songs From A Hotel Bedroom’ is currently showing at The New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich, you can book tickets here – the link also contains a radio interview with Frances, gorgeous photographs from the show and reviews – very worth checking out!

Between the 4th and 6th November (we’re very excitedly attending the show on 6th November), ‘Songs From A Hotel Bedroom’ will play at the Lindbury Theatre, Royal Opera House in London. You can get tickets here.

The show is produced by Segue, details about the show such as cast and musical numbers can be accessed by clicking here. Furthermore, you can find out more information about the piece, see up-to-date news and images by joining the official Facebook group here.

* Provided by Segue.