Alesha Reigns…

Alesha Dixon is the UK’s best and most blooming fantastic pop star… she’s multi-talented, inspirational, hardworking, tenacious, gracious, relentless, fun, dynamic and also extremely beautiful.

On Monday (29th November) Alesha presents her third studio album entitled ‘The Entertainer’. It features three singles ‘Drummer Boy’, ‘Radio’ and ‘Take Control’, her recent collaboration with Roll Deep.

Sonically, the album is a million miles away from varied sounding ‘The Alesha Show’… this time around, the sound is much more consistent, stylized and focused – it’s clear from the opening track that this is an upbeat, feel good dance-floor inspired record. The album boats production duties from the likes of Naughty Boy, The Fairground, The Stereotypes and Toby Gad. Each producer helps to create a rich, multi-layered sounding album that showcases Alesha’s spectacular skills as a vocalist.

Opening track ‘Baddest Chick’ is a glorious and triumphant statement of intent, the hooks are strong and the production is hard and crisp. The track also features Alesha MC-ing… it’s an absolute joy to hear! Jay Sean joins Alesha on ‘Every Part Of Me’, which has already been confirmed as a single for 2011. The euphoric track will sound great on radio, as it’s an instant sing-a-long feel good anthem. Title track, ‘The Entertainer’ has a great vibe, the beats are tough and the vocals are impeccable. ‘Colour’ is gorgeous, the beats are still hard but the lyrical content is tender and soft… “when it was all black and white, you made everything right”. ‘Tug Of War’ is superb, Alesha discusses a turbulent relationship “every time we split, tell myself that’s it. Giving up, I quit and then I love you again”. ‘On Top’ is a feisty track, Alesha’s vocal sounds naughtily seductive. ‘La La La’ is an AMAZING infectiously loud and noisy track with a little bit of everything, Alesha’s flows are scintillating and the beats are pulsating. ‘Cool With Me’ stands tall as a really pretty, mid-tempo empowering self-love song “I’m finally up and I’m strong on my feet”.

The CD includes an enhanced section, which grants access to two additional tracks which can be downloaded (these two tracks are also featured on the deluxe edition which will be available from iTunes). The two tracks are ‘Love In A Box’, which again explores the concept of self worth and ‘Download Me’ which features the lyric “I’mna keep doing what I’m doing, cause I’m doing it well” EXACTLY!!!

If you’re into CD booklets and stuff like that, this one features some delicious shots of Alesha… our fave is probably the one on page 6 – sultry, pensive and incredibly beautiful.

The album as a whole is stunning, it really shows what Alesha can do – it is bold, confident and exciting. Above all the album has heart, it’s completely and unmistakably Alesha. It’s also undoubtedly one of THE finest albums of the year as well… bravo!!!

P.S – although we have a promo copy of the album, we will still be going to BUY the album when it is released on Monday – please do the same!

By the way, if you missed Monday night’s broadcast of Alesha’s moving documentary ‘Don’t Hit My Mum’, you can watch it in full below…