Are You Team Original Higher OR Team Flo Higher?

Last time, we wrote about The Saturdays and their new single ‘Higher’, it went something like this, in addition to that, we LOVE the album EP version best, which therefore makes us ‘Team Original’

Some thoughts about why we’re not Team Flo Higher: Given that he thwarted two of their singles reaching number one, getting Flo Rida to guest on the track is a clever, tongue-in-cheek moment. However, the first mistake was to cut Una’s ace belting middle eight to make way for Flo’s rap and then it all falls a bit flat once you see the video and realise that Flo Rida filmed his parts separately – thus losing that ‘wow’ factor!

Despite this, ‘Higher’ is still a grreat track and is still their best single release to date, so whichever version you prefer make sure you buy it this week!!! In the interests of fairness, here is this Flo Rida version…

Last week, the girls visited Radio 1’s Live Lounge to do an acoustic performance of ‘Higher’, you can see it here.