If You Thought You Knew The Very Amazing Natasha Bedingfield… Think Again!

We ADORE a bit of Natasha Bedingfield here at Pop Cart – she’s an incredibly talent woman with an amazing voice along with the ability to write powerful, uplifting and unique songs. It’s a bit of a bummer that she gets such a hard time here in the UK… as in theory she should still be a huge star based upon her musical output alone. Anyway, you get the picture – we LOVE Natasha Bedingfield!

On December 7th, Natasha will release her third studio album entitled ‘Strip Me’ but only in the US. The album is still to be given a worldwide release date, but is to be expected in the early part of 2011 according to recent Natasha’s tweets, which you can see here and here.

Natasha is therefore busy promoting the album in the US. In a recent interview with Billboard, it’s easy to see why we think she’s so grrreat and it may surprise many people to see that she’s articulate, funny, entertaining and ultimately hugely interesting. The anecdotes about her filthy songwriting process is glorious, the outtake at the end of the interview (5:54 onwards) is also filthily brilliant – Natasha Cockingfield indeed!

The album itself features tracks co-written with Ryan Tedder and long time collaborator Steve Kipner, amongst others.