Progression At Its Finest

The stunningly sensational Jessica Mauboy releases her second album ‘Get ‘Em Girls’ in Australia today, and here in the UK on Monday (8th November).

The poppier moments of Jessica’s superb debut ‘Been Waiting’ have been replaced with noisier, harder beats and more urban stylings. The album is clearly heavily influenced and shaped by the largely American songwriters and producers involved and there is a huge range of talent on display from Bangladesh, Jazze Pha, and Chuck Harmong to Brian Kennedy and Harvey Mason, Jr. The album features collaborations and appearances from Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Jay Sean and Iyaz. On paper, with such variety, it runs the risk of sounding generic, formulaic and like everything else already available for consumption.

However, the good news is that ‘Get ‘Em Girls’ feels fresh and unique, the producers have crafted tracks that build on Jessica’s established existing sound but they have re-imagined and revved it up to created songs that are classy, rich and diverse… Jessica is in complete control throughout, she is able to pull off many different styles and sounds convincingly with her vocal sounding strong, powerful and gorgeous.

The album contains the lead single and title track ‘Get ‘Em Girls’ which features Snoop Dogg. The track is a brave choice as it’s about shoes, however, the Bangladesh produced track is a triumphant statement and great indicator of what to expect from the album…

Other highlights from the record include ‘Handle It’, ‘Accelerate That’, ‘Scariest Part’ and ‘Foreign’. The album also contains the second single ‘Saturday Night’ which is a lovely little catchy number. In short ‘Get ‘Em Girls’ is an exciting and enjoyable listen, and one which many others will attempt to re-create in 2011.